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Paramita Meditation Centre

8 years ago in Feb, i made my first maiden trip to this beautiful island nation of 30 million. Today, the pretty busy road that serves the main throughway from Colombo to Kandy has been widen, resurfaced and thus i see even huge tour coaches and container trucks passing by as i stand above about 5 storeys high at the main meditation hall as i start my walking meditation before THE SIT. Yesterday, an american-vietnamese resident nun living here gave me a surprise by giving me a local sarong and a illuminated statue of the buddha; she wished my happy new year as the sinhala new year is on the 13/14 Apr. PMC is located up the granite slopes to mitigate the noise from the traffic; however, the train tracks that probably runs at least 5 times a day is on the same height as the Dhamma Hall. Gotten used to the symphony of train, vehicular traffic and the sound of nature (birds, insects, whispering of the leaves).
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Dhamma is Universal

A s i embark on a new chapter of my remaining current life coming to Sri Lanka, i chance upon a dated recording of the 40th Uruguay President; José Mujica. Two quotes from the interview caught my attention... "Either you are happy with very little, free of all that extra luggage because you have happiness inside, or you do not get anywhere. I am not advocating poverty, I'm advocating Sobriety. But since we have invented a consumer society, the economy must constantly grow, if it fails to increase, it's a tragedy. We have invented a mountain of superfluous needs. Shopping for new, discarding the old...that's a waste of our lives. When i buy something, when you buy something, you are not paying money for it; you are paying with the hours of life. You had to spend time earning that money. The difference that life is one thing money cannot buy; Life only gets shorter. And it is pitiful to waste one's life and freedom in that way." "Human

Sam Poh Morning Chants

10 days at St John's followed by 2 subsequent visits to the first teacher and monastry that made me interested in the dhamma some 20 years ago. Click Here for the pre-dawn recordings...

The Bird Cage

M ore than 3 years ago, when i tasted freedom; tried to fly back into the bird cage recently. Yes, there's a steady and predictable flow of water and food, shelter to protect me from the elements but i lost myself in that process; i was unhappy inside the bird cage... As i look back, I've already know where to forage for food, know where to spend the night (but probably needs to become more mindful to drink enough water and be aware of my breath.) So why on earth do i still yearn to fly back into the cage?

A brush with Divinity

Y es, everything happens for a reason. and sometimes listen to some music at some point at our lives will raise goose-pimples; as i dabble into the age-old question whether there is an omnipotent creator; i chance upon Yann Arthus-Bertrand not so latest documentary 'Planet Ocean' released in Jun 2012; it occur to me that it totally wasn't in my radar screen back in 2012; during my last days in an organisation i spent a good decade in. interestingly enough...this documentary lead me to re-live the HOME movie hype back in 2009 with all the bookings of cinema halls and private and public screening of thing lead to another.... a fabulous piece of music composed by the red hair priest. Antonio Vivaldi who lived more than 300 years ago....i wondered what inspired him to composed such music? may we give gratitude, servitude and spend some solitude time to contemplate on a great man who forgave those who nailed him to the cross...on this day humans call it Good Fr
GE2015 & Yoniso Manasikara M any of our hearts have been overworked these past week not because of the haze lah. but if we can look at this heart and tell me whether it matters what political party he/she believes in? or expand to a larger scope which religious teacher he subscribe to or what nationality he belongs to or what race and culture he is born into.... ONE thing for sure; this heart is born and will start growing until it reach the desired size...there will degenerate will sometimes beat faster, sometimes beat slower will sometimes have skipped a beat or two will work 24/7 till the last day. BUT eventually, it will stop.

A Trilogy...a Full Circle?

In 3 days time, it's the lunar new year I came back a year ago where it started, it shall end... I was born a Chinese Buddhist, or what some may call a mahayana Buddhist. As i turned into an adult, i started exploring into earlier versions when it was still in India and Sri Lanka; or what some may call theravada Buddhism. And I've found solace in it as it kind of suits my fiery, impatient and egoistic character. Lately, i chance upon words of wisdom while watching; of all things, the latest rendition of a famous martial arts soap opera by Jin Yong, "Demi-Gods_and_Semi-Devils". I am going back to Crystal Jade Restaurants this evening to serve food; that's where i started off when i came back from india a year ago; the impending CNY double pay of course was a motivating factor, but i have other reasons for doing this... I also met a very promising young dude whilst serving behind the counter at Buddhist Library; i was over-zealous to say the least in tr